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Sunday, March 25, 2012

z Button Swap, 3/25 Sign On

  I am so glad i caught up with this Button Swap...not a day too early!
Buttons + beads, perfect together!   -Karen

Dear Cindy,
I'd like to be part of the Button Hop! This would be my first
I come with enthusiasm, i hope i can be part of it!!
-Karen McKillip


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

I was packing for a trip i took last week. I really wanted some earrings to wear with a funky outfit i'd devised.
I'd kept a recent purchase next to the bed...antiqued copper bead caps that looked like the tops of acorns.
With the single cap on top of a very pretty brown nut-like bead, striped with faint darker brown - i dangled a clear crystal & a dark mocha brown pearl, and voilà, i'm ready to go...Note: still had some packing to do!
Happy beading!
Karen - bead enthusiast, ETC.


  1. Hi Karen...thank you for joining the button swap! I'm working on pairing people up!
    Congrats on your brand new blog! ;-)

    1. Thank you for making this swap take wings!
      Hope it is more a joy than a burden!
      -Karen McK

  2. i am doin' real good - - if i can get this post off the ground!
    Thanks to Cindy & my button swap partner, Jenna. I had real fun, creating something from the wonderful handmade buttons you made for me to use.